Our team is a synergetic combination of people who change academic landscape, promote Ukrainian innovation capabilities, and build capacity in domains od cybersecurity, digital forensics and fight for digital transformation and AI in every case.

Igor Kotsiuba

Head of R&D Cybersecurity
and Critical Infrastructure

Igor Kotsiuba has served for more than a decade in industry and academia completing numerous transnational projects with leading players in Cybersecurity and Industrial IoT.

He has been advising Ukrainian businesses and governmental institutions on Cybersecurity issues. In 2018 Igor Kotsiuba was elected Head of Cybersecurity Work Group at American Chamber of Commerce Ukraine.

Dr. Kotsiuba is eminently qualified in the field of cybersecurity; he is a participant of the EU Horizon Research and Innovation and a key expert in regional EU projects. Igor has a PhD in Information Technology and is a member of IEEE. Igor is regularly invited as a keynote speaker and a guest lecturer to European universities and leading international conferences on cybersecurity.

Dr. Igor Kotsiuba is interested in interdisciplinary research and innovation projects especially in digital forensics and cybersecurity in smart and critical infrastructures. In addition, he is interested in technical research in cyber forensics (malware analysing, big-data investigation, loT investigation) cybercrime (criminology and policy research), anti (online, crypto) money laundering and counterterrorism financing, and privacy issues in digital forensics.

Volodymyr Nochvai

Head of GR
and Cluster Partnerships

Senior Researcher, Ph.D. in technical science.

Head of technology transfer laboratory at the Kyiv Academic University. Expert in High-Tech Office Ukraine and NGO ‘Centre for Innovations Development’. Participated in drafting the Roadmap for Ukraine’s integration into the European Research Area. Moderator of a working group on digital science at the Coordination Council for development of the digital economy and society in Ukraine.

Deputy Chief of Basic Coordination Centre of the Ukrainian National Grid for international communications. Expert of EaP Civil Society Forum, R&I Panel, ICT-innovation.

Tetiana Biloborodova

Head of R&D Healthcare
and Digital Transformation

Tetiana has research expertise that includes data mining, health informatics, clinical decision making and knowledge discovery in medical data, machine learning, health data analytics, and a wide range of applications of these fields in health care.

She co-authored over 20 research publications and presentations and collaborate with multiple national and international universities including the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Leeds Becket University, National Aerospace University “KhAI”, Chernivtsi National University, National University “Zaporizhzhia polytechnic” etc.

Tetiana holds a PhD degree in Information Technology. She regularly participates in leading international conferences on information technology and e-Health.

Maksym Nesterov

Head of R&D DLT
for Energy and Healthcare

Maksym focuses on Database. The main research aspects are data analysis, health informatics, decision
support, big data analytics.

Maksym holds a PhD degree in Information Technology

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