We work on the application of the Internet of Things technology in agriculture such as precise agriculture.

The use of agricultural control systems for sowing and fertilizing makes it possible to reduce the cost of seeds, fertilizers and fuel, and reduce the time spent on field work.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) help to reduce the consumption of water and pesticides, reduce labor and resource cost

An important role in agriculture is dedicated to software for enterprise resource planning, it allows you to optimize any process from procurement before production and marketing. The use of such software provides the farm (or an enterprise associated with it) with an opportunity to respond to problems related to environmental protection, adjust the system accordingly, increase the return on investment in their own business;

We bielive that benefits can also be obtained by using technologies such as blockchain (DLT). In particular, the blockchain technology was successfully applied to identify low-quality food products in food supply chains, which allowed timely effective measures to be taken. The same technology allows the consumer to provide information on the origin of food products, which provides its users with a competitive advantage;

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